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NOTE:  The information on these pages is not updated frequently, all our efforts are directed to the gene variant databases we keep.

These Internet-pages are specifically designed for scientist performing research and/or diagnosis in Duchenne and Duchenne-like muscular dystrophies (i.e. Duchenne, Becker, Limb-Girdle). Interested non-scientist seeking information on muscular dystrophies are referred to:
.........Information for non-scientists (in het Nederlands;
Spierdystrofie onderzoek en patiŽntenzorg in Leiden).


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Please note that the information on these pages is currently not updated frequently, all our efforts are directed to the gene variant databases we keep. The value of the pages lies especially in providing data which is not (yet) published or which is spread over many sites at other places. Please, when you have information which might be interesting to other researchers and which could be linked to these page, contact us.

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